by Tertium Auris

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Release date for the netlabel dharma.dsound.org :
18 September 2008

You can download Vox Stridens in mp3-192 kbps at dharma.dsound.org/release/tertium+auris/vox+stridens

or on this site at higher audio quality:
mp3-320 kbps, mp3-VBR, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC

For the artwork: dharma.dsound.org/files/zipfiles/DHS0040_cover_art.zip


released April 30, 2011

Everything vibrates, the absolute reality vibrates at different frequencies that our perceptual system re-codes and interprets.
I think that hearing is our most powerful sense, as some vibrations that it allows us to perceive can tap into deeper.
I think the voice is the most powerful instrument since it is inside of us own, mirror of ourselves.
I think that at a production level the vocal sound is the most direct from our thoughts.

We can gain control of our own instrument.
We can understand the difference between hear and listen.
We can unify the two.

In my personal idea of sonorous space the irrevocable decision to give my electroacoustic compositions only human voice audio samples became increasingly convincing to me.
To achieve this release, I used predominantly personal voice sounds, made using overtone singing technique and other vocal noises. Any other instrument was not used. No compressor or limiter tool was used in the post-editing phase.
For each song I used one to three sample at most, each of which is analyzed and then digitally processed. Each piece consists of a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 500 samples, all derived from the original takes, and stacked in multitrack. "Absalon" only consists of a single sample used several times, each time with different formants or harmonics mutations. So the few original samples of a song serve as a footprint from which branches off and diversifying all the others, a plant that is rooted, which grow leaves, flowers and fruits. One of my goals was to create a sound continuum using mixtures from clear consonant sounds and trying to conceal and disguise all, trying to focus the listening attention on timbre.




Tertium Auris Verona, Italy

I’m a freelance researcher on traditional and experimental methods of vocal emission since nearly twenty years.
I’m graduated in Pianoforte and Choral Music .
I am a choir-orchestra conductor, an “experimental-electroacoustic” music composer and a vocal coach and I have obtained a master degree in Multimedia Composition proposing an analysis on Singing Formant and Overtone Singing.
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